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Love and Marriage

Anillos de Matrimonio, Aros de Matrimonio

Love and Marriage

“Love and marriage, love and marriage…

Go together like a horse and carriage.”

I remember hearing and singing that song eons ago, along with a very popular children’s rhyme, often used for jumping rope:

Susie and Tommy sitting in a tree


First comes love

Then comes marriage

Here comes Susie with a baby carriage!

The names changed, of course, depending upon whose turn it was to jump. Now, actually, I’ve never seen two people sitting in a tree and kissing, but it was always fun to recite this little rhyme in a sing-song voice.

The simple truth is that love and marriage do go together, so I’ve been browsing around looking for little quotes to remind us all that love can be inspiring, amusing, thought-provoking, rewarding, and above all, enduring.

Sometimes we do poke fun at the idea of marriage, as in Groucho‘s famous quip that “Marriage is a great institution…but who wants to live in an institution?”

And sometimes sages have warned of the problems that can arise. Benjamin Franklin put it this way: “If there’s marriage without love, there will be love without marriage.” He was no doubt speaking from experience, having fathered an illegitimate child who later grew up to be the governor of New Jersey. But let’s talk love, not history.

I’ve added a page to this blog especially for Thoughts on Love and Marriage.  I’ve included a few of my personal favorites, and I’ll continue to add to the list. If you have a favorite quote on love and marriage, please share!

This Blog is For YOU…What Do You Want to See?

As this new blog gets up and running, I need a little feedback from readers. To help me provide the most useful — and entertaining — information for you, please take a moment to tell me what you’d like to see in this blog.

You can check as many answers as you want, and you can add suggestions of your own. Your ideas are greatly appreciated!


The Power of Love

Recently someone asked why I write romance novels. The question caught me by surprise, and my first response was simply, “Because.”

Later, I sat down and asked myself the question again. After a bit of thought, I found another answer. I write romance novels because I want to share my beliefs about both life and love.

Life is better with love. I think we all agree on that.


I think maybe it’s because love teaches us many important lessons. It makes us better, stronger people. Love means taking chances, opening ourselves up to others. It gives us the courage to look at ourselves and begin the process of change. Love offers each of us forgiveness, and the chance to begin anew.

If you, too, believe in the power of love, you’ll find many opportunities here to share your thoughts, to tell others how love has strengthened you and transformed your life.

If you’re still unsure about love, or if you’re looking for ways to improve your relationships and bring more love into your life, you’ll find ideas here.

You’ll also find information about love stories worth reading — both real-life and fictional — plus occasional guest posts from romance novelists and others who know THE POWER OF LOVE.