From: Forever Love — A Short, Sweet, Sexy Excerpt

In my continuing series of picnic scenes this summer, I’m pleased to share this scene, courtesy of romance author Melissa Keir. Enjoy!

Forever Love

From:   Forever Love by Melissa Keir

Seducing a man was outside my range of experience. I’d had only a few simple lovers feeling that my virginity was more of a hindrance than a blessing. After arranging for Dad to have dinner with T.J.’s mom, I ran to the local grocery for the ingredients to my famous chicken piccata. Packing my picnic basket with everything we might need from food to beer, I hoped tonight would be perfect even while I deliberated if I’d be able to go through with my plan.

With the basket in my hands and a smile on my face, I jumped into T.J.’s truck when he arrived after dusk.

“Where to pretty lady?”

“Let’s go back to where it started. Let’s go to the beach.”

Watching his face throughout the drive thrilled me with the excitement I had over finally acknowledging my feelings. Longing to run my fingers over his jaw and lips, I sat on my hands in order to keep from reaching for him.

“Why are you looking like the cat that swallowed the canary?”

“I had a long talk with Dad. He enjoyed your visit and the dinner with your mom at the VFW. I haven’t seen his spirits that high since I returned to Amherst. That’s because of you. Thanks.”

“I always liked your dad. He was cool even with playing all mean and all. I’d have loved to spent time fishing or hunting with him. My own dad was gone a lot so we weren’t close. I felt like I could be that way with your dad.”

“I didn’t realize. But I’m glad you and Dad get along. He seems to have eyes for your mom.”

“Eww. Stop that! No pictures of parents and sex.”

I laughed at the look on his face. “So you don’t want to be brother and sister?”

“No, I have other plans for you and your basket! It was nice to be asked to dinner. I can smell your famous chicken. I haven’t had it in ages. No one makes it like you do.”

“I have cherry pie for dessert too.”

Another of his full smiles crossed his face as he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

“Hey, eyes on the road. We’re almost there.” The banter comfortable was between us. Knowing he was the one for me, my nervousness evaporated.

The beach parking lot was relatively empty because of the recent chill to Ohio’s weather. T.J. walked over to my door and opened it for me, pulling the basket into his hands.

“Let me help with this. Do you remember when we used to come here on the weekends and sit watching the sun set? We’d talk about our dreams.”

Turning toward T.J. and pulling the basket from his hands, I set it on the ground before looking him in the eye. “Yes. Those were my favorite times—sharing my plans with you for my life. I’ve thought of you but never took the chance of thinking we could go back to what we had. However, Amherst is my home again and you’ve earned that second chance.”

I pulled his body close to mine and devoured his lips, breathing nor the chicken was important. So stepping away from T.J. was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I want to take my time with him, with this. I needed to cool down.

“Catch me.” Running with the basket was harder than I realized. T.J. quickly caught up to me on the soft Erie sand.

“You’re mine.” He growled before lowering me to the sand, kissing me with passion.

~ ~ ~ ~

You can visit Melissa on the web here:

Sexy Between the Covers

Other books by Melissa include Beach Desires, and A Christmas Accident, both part of the Wilder series, as well as Second Time’s the Charm, Three’s a Crowd, and more.

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