Picnic – Excerpt from “What Happens in Ireland”

 Today’s picnic excerpt comes from “down under” author Whitney Keevers-Eastman, better know as Whitney K-E. She’s sharing a sexy picnic scene from her romance novelWhat Happens In Ireland.


What Happens in Ireland

Those green eyes are eating me alive.

Looking up at the sky above, Kate thought about what she wanted right now.

Instantly, a sensual image of Jack ravishing her in the middle of the field, his naked back bared to the sun, the muscles there straining beneath her fingertips, the unforgettable tattoo that entwined his arm glistening black, filled her mind.

But trouble would be the only result of such a request.

And so, she had to think: What was the next best thing to Jack O’Reilly’s magnificent body at her fingertips?

An unexpected yawn escaped her. “A coffee would be nice actually.”

The sparkle in Jack’s eyes brightened.

Surely not.

Winking at her, he turned to rummage through the saddle bags. Stilled by her disbelief, Kate found her eyes drawn to his jean clad buttocks.

Now there’s a slice of heaven.

Jack turned, his hands hidden behind his back. Admittedly, it had taken her a few seconds to concentrate on his face with the image of his perfect arse still on her mind, but at last, she managed.

“Would ye like to take a guess as to what is hidden behind me back, lass?” he asked.

Kate stood there speechless, her muddled brain not quite registering what he said.

Damn distracting man.

“Please tell me it’s a flask of coffee?”

“And if it is?” Jack’s gaze fell to her lips.

They tingled with awareness.

“A woman is not very agreeable when she’s denied coffee, Jack,” she warned him sternly.

Jack laughed at her threat. “Are ye implyin’ that ye might go through with yer past threat to turn me into a eunuch, if I don’t give ye yer sweet poison?”

“Don’t tempt me.”

His grin grew wicked. “But I live to tempt. And ye like it just as much as I do.”

“Is this Jack or his arrogance speaking?” Kate retorted, hoping to God that she was successful in keeping her desire buried six-feet under an iron façade.

“Who do ye want me to be?” Jack rumbled, his voice low and seductive.

Her cheeks burned. “Don’t do that!”

Jack frowned. “Do what?”

“Use your voice like that.” Marching past him, she headed for the picnic blanket.

“Use it like what?”

Irish accents are going to be the death of me…

When she turned suddenly to face him, the burly Irishman almost ploughed into her.

“Use it in that sexy—”

“Sexy, ye say?”

Desire burned in Jack’s gaze. Desire aimed in her direction.

“No.” She swallowed the lump in her throat. Electricity crackled in the air between them.

If she wasn’t careful all hell was going to break loose. And if it did, she wouldn’t be calling it hell for long.

“Yes, ye did.” Jack took a step closer.

“No, I didn’t,” she choked, stumbling back just as she stumbled over her words.

“Don’t lie to me, Katie.” Her pulse leapt at his use of her nickname. “I can always tell when ye lie to me.”


“Yer lips,” he whispered, his hand catching hers. She stopped and Jack bent his head down to hers. His hot breath teased her lips. “Ye purse them and avoid me eyes. That and other thin’s.”

Kate thought she might collapse, her body had grown so weak.

“You’re just saying that because you can’t handle the fact that I’m not attracted to you.” Her heartbeat was deafening, pounding fiercely in her ears.

“There ye go again.”

Of course she was lying. Look at her! She was a melting pool of wanton desire. A blind man could see as much.

“I know ye find me attractive, Kate,” he said, his hand sliding down her side. “Just as I find ye.”

Kate took a forced step out of his reach. Jack followed.

“If I were to give ye yer sweet coffee,” he continued, his sculpted arms crossing over his muscle-packed chest. “Would ye admit the truth?”

Her gaze shifted to the flask in his hand. “What if I’m telling the truth?”

“Then you’d have to lie.”

Good Lord, the man’s lethal.

Sitting down, Jack began to search the saddlebags. Producing a pair of mugs, he held them out for her inspection. Setting them on the ground, he filled each with the heavenly brew. As if nature itself was in Jack’s favor, a gust of wind swept through the valley and wafted the scent of caffeine straight up her nose.

Right now, she’d do almost anything for a cup of coffee. Admitting the truth was hardly going to kill her.

Sighing, she marched over to him. Sitting beside him, she huffed indignantly and stared at her feet. “I surrender.” Peeping at Jack from behind the curtain created by her hair, Kate finally gave in to the hilarity of the situation. She smiled.

It’s official. Smiling is contagious.

~ ~ ~ ~

Want to know What Happens in Ireland?

You can find Whitney’s novel  at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, All Romance E-Book, Secret Cravings Publishing, and Smashwords.


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